Broad-Based Black
Economic Empowerment

1st Verification Networx provides a
range of professional services in the
field of B-BBEE specifically and
transformation in general

1st Verification Networx aims to be the
market leader in terms of:

  • Expert representation throughout South Africa
    through professional partnerships
  • Technologically driven verification procedures
  • Ensuring that we are accredited to issue certificates for all Sector Codes

The following services are
offered by 1st Verification

B-BBEE Verification

B-BBEE verification is an independent assurance process aimed at verifying and validating the
B-BBEE status of a legal entity. It is the most accurate, independent and cost-effective way for businesses to establish and present their B-BBEE status.

1st Verification Networx ensures it is able to issue SANAS Accredited BEE Certificates on all Sector Code Certificates and entity sizes:

  • Exempted Micro Enterprises
  • Qualifying Small Enterprises Verifications
  • Generic Enterprises Verifications
  • Training and Advisory Services

B-BBEE Training

Many companies are unfamiliar with the intricacies of good B-BBEE management. Our services aim to educate and enable personnel to deal with a relatively complex set of regulations. Focus areas include planning and executing B-BBEE programmes, record keeping and preparing for verifications.

Diversity Training

Diversity Management workshops can be designed to the specific needs of your organisation. Workshops vary in length depending on the requirements of the individual clients. Experiential learning is an important part of the learning process.

The seemingly independent discovery of the new knowledge can be an exciting and empowering process for the participant and it is via this self-discovery that new knowledge is internalised by the participant. Tools used in the facilitation process include: self-assessments, quizzes, role-plays, situational analysis, group discussions and team building exercises.


Supplier B-BBEE Training Awareness

Most suppliers have insufficient knowledge of the Black Economic Empowerment framework; with better information these service providers can easily boost their levels of B-BBEE compliance. This will, in turn, impact positively on the Preferential Procurement score of all those procuring from them.

Pre-deal Ownership

Our pre-deal ownership verification allows companies to independently verify the ownership points that will be obtained on the B-BBEE scorecard should such a deal materialise.

The YES Initiative

1st Verification Networx are thrilled to acknowledge the recent Youth Employment Services (Y.E.S) initiative launched by Government under the Amended Code Series 000, Statement 000 of the Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

In response to this we have established a Department for YES Verification and Advisory Services.

In terms of the YES, Generics, Exempted Micro Enterprises and QSEs will now be eligible for valid Certification if they have met with the criteria in terms of this Code.

Should your organisation wish to begin the process of YES registration, we can assist you with the following:

Training on the YES requirements

Calculating your YES priority requirements

Calculating your YES targets

Please do not hesitate to contact us. The YES benefits can raise your B-BBEE Status up two level on the scorecard and should be seriously considered.